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Upgrade your Green Mountain Grill with our Patent Pending, Pimp My Grill Gen2 2-Rack System! Expand your cooking capabilities and take your GMG to the next level. The two levels of cooking provide direct heat on the lower racks and more convection and smoke on the upper racks. Simultaneously grill and bake for versatile cooking options and stunning diamond-shaped sear marks.

Our innovative design is effortless to install with no modifications needed to your grill. Simply lock the side brackets in place and slide the shelves into position for quick and easy setup. Enjoy easy access to your food with the slide-out racks, eliminating smoke in the eyes while flipping food at the back of the grill.


Compatible Models

Ledge Daniel Boone

Prime Plus Daniel Boone

Prime Daniel Boone

Choice (2018 and newer) **

PMG Ledge/Daniel Boone 2 Rack System Gen2

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