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We’re Don and Ron, AKA DR Smoke, 2 Guys who love to BBQ. In our quest to produce the best smoked meats we learned that pellet smokers were revolutionizing the industry and turning average cooks into the family pitmaster. This new technology has taken all the hard work out of smoking. 


We chose Green Mountain Grills after much research. They produce a higher quality product that’s competitively priced and they stand behind it. We’re proud of what we sell and look forward to opening your eyes to the whole new delicious menu you’re about to bring to your family. Visit us on FB, IG, Twitter, and Youtube for product demos and smoker recipes. You can also purchase smokers and supplies on our website


Happy Smoking!


DR Smoke

Giving Back

Over the past couple years we've worked hard to bring you informational videos on our smokers. Just recently, we've worked with Larry's Lounge to bring an entertainment series.


Larry's Lounge Series

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