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Elevate your outdoor culinary experience with the style, function, and durability of the Louisiana Grills LG800FL Founders Legacy pellet grill. The Founders Legacy grill line matches style and design with unyielding performance and innovation to provide an exceptional grilling experience for you and your guests. Utilizing the patented Pressurized Cooking System and a superior exhaust system, the grill evenly circulates heat and smoke throughout the extra large 22" double-lined barrel to provide uniform heat distribution to your meals. With a simple pull of a lever, this grill is capable of both direct and indirect cooking via SearTech technology which turns the grill from a smoker into a high temperature sear station. 

The superior heat transfer capabilities of the stainless steel grill grates will leave pronounced grill marks without sticking to your food. This grill can achieve temperatures from 180 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, providing great versatility in your cooking experience. Open flame searing can achieve temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Crafted with heavy-duty steel, stainless steel handles, solid steel bottom shelf solid and folding front shelf, two sport casters and two locking casters, and coated with a high temperature powder finish, this grill is a tough and highly durable grill built to last. The grill is fueled by a large 29 lb. pellet hopper and takes 100% hardwood pellets for optimal operation. The grill also includes a interchangeable griddle insert for hot and fast flat-iron cooking.

This grill introduces innovative technological upgrades to the luxury grilling experience. It comes onboard with a fully redesigned LG Smart Touch Control Pad delivering enhanced PID technology to ensure unrivaled temperature stability and consistency while cooking. The grill has two programmable meat probes that communicate with the PID system. For increased functionality, sync your LG Smart Touch Control Pad to the Smoke iT smartphone app to change grill temperature, monitor your meat probes, or set an alarm when your food has reached the desired temperature. This grill is fully WiFi and Bluetooth capable.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 63 3/16" 
Depth: 25 5/8" 
Height: 46 5/8" 

Cooking Grate Dimensions:
Cooking Surface Area: 846 sq. in. 
Top Rack: 270 sq. in. 
Main Rack: 576 sq. in.

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